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The games that will come this year to PlayStation VR

A few days ago we traveled to the PlayStation VR Spring Showcase held in London to meet and try the new line of games for PS VR. Already back to the "real reality" we bring you a list of virtual reality games suitable for all palates. To the mess!

The virtual reality is not only dead but it seems to start to emerge. What until now was an experience only suitable for adventurers and adventurers of big pockets has become a little more accessible Last week we learned that Sony had decided to lower the price of their PlayStation VR 100 euros permanently. For 300 euros we can take home a virtual gaming platform with more than 300 titles available and as many in the room that will arrive this year. It has been an aggressive movement, but surely the Japanese company and the virtual market are beginning to see a change in their figures by the end of the year.

Among this year's news for PSVR we miss attractive and sound names such as Resident Evil, Doom or Skyrim, but with the variety and quality of what we have tried we can say that the industry is beginning to assimilate the limits of virtual reality and take advantage of, in this case, the benefits of PS4, the Sony console table. Thus we find well-planned experiences for long and profitable game sessions, apart from fun, of course. It is important to mention this because we are still talking about a technology that can provoke negative reactions in users if it is not well developed. But fewer prolegomena and enter into flour.

Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality

We'd like to start with the title that gets us into Grandpa Rick's garage. The game of Adult Swim series, Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality, will come to PS VR on the 10th of this month and proposes to become a Morty clone to provide the protagonists with everything they need to ensure that his adventures leave 10. It is difficult to define his gender, but apart from "being" in that universe, we are allowed to manipulate objects in the garage and solve puzzles. If you do not know the series, the experience will be somewhat flat, but for those who do, this experience will allow you to manipulate interdimensional portals, chat with the characters of the series, use the inventions of grandfather Rick and even everyday objects such as the plumbus lifelong.

Star Child

With Star Child, we are going to another field. It is a kind of Metroidvania of lateral development in which the virtual reality is so that we feel ourselves within some very convincing environments. We do not know if it's an action game, because we could only solve puzzles on the map. What we tried was not much, and although the game seems to be governed by interactive mechanics nothing new, we were fascinated by the artistic direction, which gave us bright environments, very charismatic and enveloping, with much life and mystery.

The Persistence

Then there was The Persistence, a title that leads us to a darker reality. It is a horror title in the first person that could remind the great Dead Space. Everything happens in a space station infested with monsters and disfigured beings by which we will have to open our way with few bullets, little light and ... well, the help of a charitable soul that joins the game from your mobile or tablet. That person acts as a kind of central computer that has access to the map of the station and can perform certain actions, both beneficial and pernicious for us: turn on lights, indicate where the map objects are, where the enemies, invoke monsters, etc. It is a turn that gives life to the title.

VR Experiences

Changing the third, and before going to the big one, we find another kind of experiences like CoolPaintr VR, which is nothing more than a graphics editor with which we can create three-dimensional works that we can then export to more specialized programs such as Maya or Photoshop TrackLab VR, meanwhile, is a music editing program that facilitates the work with a good video interface, and Virry Safari: Wild Encounters raises a very relaxing experience in which we can live a virtual safari approaching the animals to observe them close up. It would be an ideal experience for children, but remember that virtual reality is not very well adapted for children.

Salary Man Escape

Salary Man Escape sure is not for children, and not because it is violent or explicit, but because behind its "puzzle" identity hides a critique of modern society and the working conditions of large corporations. It has a very clean and minimalist visual style, with puzzles that float in the nothingness and that catch our attention. To solve them we have to use PS Move to move red blocks and create paths for the executive to get to work without problems. The most interesting part of this proposal is that there is no single way to complete the levels. It depends a lot on physics, so sometimes the most obvious answer does not have to be the fittest or, well, fun

Animal Force

Animal Force is much more cheerful. It is a game divided into two parts, depending on whether we play alone or in the company. If we choose the first we will find a real-time strategy game like tower defense in which we must place some majestic animals along the level to end the waves of enemies that arrive. It's easy, fast and very direct. The multiplayer option proposes an asymmetrical game in which players without a helmet should try to escape from a crowd without the one who does not notice it. The player of the helmet has several methods to try to discover them, and the other players can respond to avoid it, but if they do not hurry it is easy to remain in evidence. It is an ideal title for nights of revelry and revelry.

Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder follows the line of interactions between players, but in this case, we are in a dungeon. We have to get as much booty as possible and to do this we destroy everything we find to take coins. The player who controls the game with the helmet has a first-person view of great environments because the game has a retro style that captures the first blink. The second player, who wields the PS4 command, can move around the map more easily to either help the first player or take his own prize.

Blood and Truth

Blood & Truth is an exaggeration of shooting game developed by the creators of London Heist. The developers have had no problem indicating that John Wick is a clear inspiration for the title, and could not have chosen a better reference. In this case, we use the PS Move to take weapons, reload, perform actions and move around the world. The detection of actions and movements is great, so despite having a fairly marked route, the feeling of freedom is total. It is a brutal experience in which we feel powerful and very scoundrels as if we were the protagonists of an action movie. Rare is not to end up on the floor to dodge the bullets, we're ahead of you.

Eden Tomorrow

Eden Tomorrow takes us to the field of science fiction with an adventure in which we impersonate someone who has lost his memory and finds himself on a planet riddled with dinosaurs. It could be compared to that Robinson: The Journey of Crytek, but the development team, Soulpix, does not have the same workforce. It proposes skill challenges such as maintaining balance on a bridge or analyzing important points in the environment. Although it has its own friendly and pedantic drone, it is hard for us to see the experience for more than an afternoon of entertainment.

Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse is a MOBA designer for mobile devices, but adapted to virtual reality, in which we have to control three heroes. Apart from fighting, we are allowed to drive a few minions on the map who will take care of the most modest enemies, but above all to collect resources and build towers. These are the key to master the game. The good thing about playing on PlayStation VR is that we can move around the stage very easy to control the battlefield at all times. Did we say it will be free to play? Because it is!

Firewall Zero Hour

Finally, Firewall Zero Hour reminds us that more traditional shooting games can also work in virtual reality. As a multiplayer tactical shooting game, it is inevitable to buy it from Rainbow Six Siege, but the truth is that it does not do anything wrong. In our case, we tested it with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, which allows us to move with the joysticks while aiming without the problem. We missed that the detection of movements was freer (if we want to bend down we can not do it with our body, but we have to press a button), but otherwise, it is a tremendously solid experience that works, perhaps because it is a game of more leisurely shots.

It is possible that none of these games alone is capable of encouraging the public to get on the virtual reality car, but together they are something to be taken into account. They are part of a creative space in which developers start working with exceptional and unique ideas. For now, there are more than 2 million people who have been encouraged to try this world with PlayStation VR, but seeing the picture, the future looks virtual.

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