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Tequila sunrise is the brand new temporary event of PUBG

you can best combat with shotguns and melee guns

As we informed you, PUBG Corp. prepares various temporary events for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. the best information is that Tequila sunrise will arrive tomorrow night time, wherein you'll have to reveal your survival abilities with limited guns.

Tequila sunrise will provide confrontations in which gamers can only use shotguns and melee weapons. The event could be played in Miramar and may be available only in squad modality.

The servers of America, Europe, and Asia will offer the game in first and third person. The rest of the regions can only play within the final mentioned option. Tequila sunrise will consist of a few extra modifications because the action could be finished in a small area of the map.

however, respawn rates will triple and further gamers will find 3 times extra equipment and ammunition. If you want what Tequila sunrise will offer, understand that the event will be available for seventy-two hours.

This modality will debut today at 9 PM in Mexico city, that is, at midnight in Santiago de Chile. Tequila sunrise will be available until April 8 at the same times.

PUBG Corp. has additionally begun trying out with Savage, the new Battle Royale map. several Betas are expected for which you'll need a code, so stay tuned if you need to do that new tropical zone.

In related information, the company still contemplates regional blockading for game servers. alternatively, very soon you could be a spectator of the participant who eliminated you


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