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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary will have a collection edition in Europe

Pix'n Love will launch an exclusive set for the Switch and PS4 versions

Although there are still a few weeks left until the launch of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, its compilation quality of one of the most representative series in the industry has led Pix'n Lov, a European company, to make the decision to launch a collector's edition.

Today, Pix'n Love, a French company specializing in publishing and publishing books on the history of video games, announced that it will produce a limited edition of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, in its versions of PS4 and Switch. According to official information, this edition will include the title in its respective console version, a book with the history and art of Street Fighter with 80 pages and 4 lithographs. The edition for Switch, which was the only one shown by Pix'n Love, includes a cardboard box with a style similar to that of the time of SNES, the console where the different versions of Street Fighter II enjoyed popularity.
The French company did not disclose the price of this limited edition of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for PS4 and Switch, only informed that next Friday, April 13 will begin the presale on its official site, which by the way, offers to ship to the US and Some of his publications are available on Amazon.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will arrive on May 29 to PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


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