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Steve Wiebe talks about the controversy with Billy Mitchell records

Both players competed for the highest score in Donkey Kong

Twin Galaxies recently determined to invalidate all the marks obtained by Billy Mitchell. The player got the glory several decades ago; however, his records in titles such as Donkey Kong were always involved in controversy.

The decision by Twin Galaxies also led Guinness World Records to disqualify all of Mitchell's achievements. The popular player has not made any statement about it. However, Steve Wiebe, one of his eternal rivals, spoke briefly on the subject.

If your name does not ring, you should know that Wiebe competed several times, many of them unsuccessfully, to get the highest score in Donkey Kong. His story and relationship with Mitchell were important, to the extent that both starred in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong.

During an interview with Variety, Wiebe was surprised to be back in the headlines when faced with Mitchell's problem. The player remembered the time where he did everything possible to beat his rival.

He also noted that the aforementioned documentary already gave clues to the pitfalls that Mitchell used to reach his records. He also said that Mitchell will have his chance to give his version; however, he made it clear that what happened took him by surprise.

"The more I thought about it since the days of The King of Kong, the more sense it seems to have now (...) The King of Kong made reference to the fact that he was a judge on the board of directors. When all this happened, the case began to make more sense, "said Wiebe.

Finally, the player acknowledged that currently, he is no longer the Donkey Kong world champion. Despite this, he was happy to be recognized for his achievements of yesteryear.

"I'm no longer a champion, but getting recognition for being the first to reach one million points is a great consolation. That's what really caused me conflicts about 11 years ago, "Wiebe concluded.


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