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Start the Mega Man event in Monster Hunter World

Unlock new equipment for your Palico

Monster Hunter World attracted a lot of players in its first weeks in the market and Capcom does not want them to have pretexts to stop playing. That is why he continues to support it with special events, such as one that arrived today, which has Mega Man as the center of attention.

Since a few hours ago, all players who start Monster Hunter World have the opportunity to select the A Rush of Blood mission from the events section. It is a quest in which they must face 2 Odogaron and defeat them. Interestingly, one of these creatures is much larger than normal and the other smaller.

Each time you complete this mission you will receive parts of Odogaron, as well as Mega Man tickets and you will need 5 of these to get a Mega Man outfit for the Palico. Note that this is a suit based on the pixelated version of the Blue Bomber and which can be equipped with the Mega Buster.

Do you want to see what it looks like? Then check the video that we present below:

One of the most special details of this crossover is that at times it presents chiptune themes of the Mega Man franchise. Thus, it will represent a true journey of nostalgia for all those who have grown up with the side-scrolling adventures of Capcom.

What do you think about the post-launch events of Monster Hunter World? Which of all has been your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Monster Hunter World arrived in January to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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