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Square Enix still works in the battles of Final Fantasy VII Remake

The company seeks more staff for its project

There are many expectations in the debut of Final Fantasy VII Remake, so Square Enix wants everything to be perfect during the launch of the expected title for PlayStation 4. We know that the return of Cloud and company will be somewhat different from the original delivery, about everything in your combat system.

Square Enix is still working to polish this section of the RPG, so it is hiring new staff. The developer is looking for a creative that will take care of the battles of the title. As on previous occasions, the company made it clear that the remake will surpass the 1997 game.

According to the vacancy, Square Enix works not only to recreate the RPG, but its ultimate goal is to launch a game that goes beyond the original experience. The company believes that it is a challenging task because they must keep the elements that are familiar to the players while creating a new worldview.

The one chosen for the position must work in a battle system that will combine the action with the use of commands. As you will remember, Final Fantasy VII Remake will not keep the turn-based fight system.

Thus, the result will be a "new Final Fantasy with elements of action added to the traditional strategy." Another interesting detail is that some developers who worked on past instalments of the series have been adding little by little to the team of this remake.

Finally, we know that Yui Sawada and Yuri Hioki work as level planners. The creatives assured that it is gratifying to be part of this project. They are responsible for developing the levels from their concept to its final implementation.

Shinji Hashimoto, in charge of the Final Fantasy brand, assured that the development of the game is on track. So, there is nothing left to do but wait for more news about the game. Square Enix is expected to give more information about the title in the coming months.

Final Fantasy VII Remake does not yet have a launch window. The title is in development for PlayStation 4.


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