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Some fans wish that Halo: Battle Royale was not a joke

343 Industries celebrated April Fools' Day on the Halo subreddit

Today is April Fools' Day, a day that many Anglo-Saxons take advantage of to make funny jokes and cheat their friends. 343 Industries, responsible company of Halo, did not remain with the crossed arms in this so special date and announced Halo: Battle Royale, "the following evolution" of the franchise. Although it seems strange, many players liked the concept and would like it to be real.

In the publication, 343 Industries explained that in Halo: Battle Royale we would follow the Master Chief when he starts training to face a new threat. For that, he participates in simulations in which 100 Spartans enters a battlefield in which there are several weapons and vehicles and in which he will have to fight for his life; As you imagine, in this type of combat the last soldier that remains standing is the winner.

An interesting point is that this fake game would be updated every month with new weapons, armor, skins and special characters. Also, the team would give post-launch support with new maps and weekly challenges to keep players engaged.

Note that 343 Industries mentions that Halo: Battle Royale would be a free title, well, as long as you are a member of Xbox LIVE Gold. In addition, they would monetize it with a Spartan Pass ($ 3.99 USD), which would increase "the frequency with which players earn rewards as an experience." Also, owners of this pass would get REQ Packs each week and they would have a greater opportunity to get Ultra Rare or Legendary objects.

As we already mentioned, this is nothing more than a joke by April Fools' Day, however, some were thrilled with the news. In fact, several users of the Halo subreddit were in favor of the idea and confessed that they would play it if 343 Industries made it happen: "I really hope this is not a joke. Doing so would definitely push the franchise in a big direction next to Halo 6. In my opinion, doing a joke could damage them, so this must be real? Hmmm, "said user HorahanGaming.

Recall that, in 2010, Bungie announced a chess mode for Halo: Reach, which arrived shortly after the game. So, we'll see if 343 Industries decides to imitate their predecessors after hearing the opinion of the fans, would you like it to happen? Tell us in the comments.

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