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Schools in the UK want to integrate Nintendo Labo into their programs

Nintendo UK revealed that education institutions have approached the company

Today was the debut of Nintendo Labo in specific markets such as Japan, the United States and some European countries, who can already enjoy the creative experience offered by the Japanese company. Like any product that is about to go to market, Labo had a presentation for media and in the particular case of the United Kingdom, the meeting not only served to present the product but also to reveal interesting information.

According to a report by GamesIndustry, the presentation of Nintendo Labo for United Kingdom media was done in an organized space as if it were a classroom. The representation of a school environment, undoubtedly, was perfect to present a new experience as Labo and the company took the issue to reveal that the expectation for the product has been such that some schools in the region have approached Nintendo. The revelation came from a representative of Nintendo UK, who assured that educational institutions in the United Kingdom have contacted the company to integrate Labo in their school programs.

The report states that, although Nintendo confirmed the interest of the schools, Labo was not thought of as a school product and the possibility of taking the product to institutions goes through many situations that must be solved, such as offering a special price to the schools for their purchase in volume, training for teachers and the creation of a subdivision that takes care of the product from an academic perspective and its adaptation to a school environment.


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