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Saul Gascon talked about the type of zombies and enemies of The Walking Dead

The creative says it's not about PAYDAY with zombies

Since OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead has a launch window scheduled for fall of this year, official information has begun to flow in recent weeks and the development team is revealing the characteristics of its upcoming title. That's why Saul Gascon, title director, talked about the kind of zombies we will face and the style of play we will find.

In a recent interview for GamesRadar, Saul Gascon, director of OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead, spoke about the enemies we will encounter in the game either while leading an exploration group or in defense of our security zone. As mentioned before, zombies will not be the only difficulty we will face, as some factions will seek to take control at all costs and may move from a neutral to a hostile state. In that sense, the creator declared: "The zombies we have are of a classic style, like George Romero's, so there will be variety and we will make them more dangerous, in addition to launching hundreds of them." However, the main threat they are humans since they are the most dangerous group in the universe of the franchise, but the walkers will be a latent threat because the more you fight with humans, the more noise you will make and this will attract more zombies. "

On the other hand, Gascon spoke about the style of play of OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead and assured that it will not have anything to do with PAYDAY, a series for which the studio is recognized and also part of a cooperative experience: "We have listened to people It says that it will be a PAYDAY with zombies, but we will deliver something according to the universe we are working in. We simply can not stick The Walking Dead brand in PAYDAY , because it is a completely different cooperative experience, with an atmosphere focused on history and in solving problems, if you played the Raids in Destiny and Destiny 2 you can think of it in that sense, since we are doing a game where the coordination between each player is vital ".

OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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