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Sanane and Hayate confirmed for Fighting EX Layer

Arika works in a new game mode and in several DLC characters

There is good news for those who await the arrival of Fighting EX Layer, Arika's new fighting game. The company shared a video today, where it reveals information about the future content of the title and confirms the appearance of 2 more characters in this release.

The first confirmed fighter is Sanane, a girl described as cheerful and athletic. Sanane will embark on an adventure to find clues about her past. His excellent sports skills allow him to fight with any adversary he encounters.

On the other hand, we have Hayate, who after a meeting with Sanane will use his skills in combat to fight against Garuda. These fighters are added to the initial roster of the game, composed now of 13 characters if Hokuto is taken into account.

Akira Nishitani, president of Arika, is the one who introduces us to the new fighters. In addition, he says that currently working in a new game mode and several of the characters that will come as DLC. Then, I leave the video for you to see Sanane, Hayate and some prototypes of fighters:

According to the details, the studio will work on more characters for the roster if Fighting EX Layer sales go well. For this, they will wait 1 month after the launch of the game, which will allow them to assess their reception.

At the moment, Fighting EX Layer is only planned to reach PlayStation 4. The title will be distributed in digital format in 2 different editions, of $ 59.99 USD and $ 39.99 USD. The most accessible will have fewer Gougi configurations, the battle system.

The last advance introduced us to the combat style of 3 characters: Shadowgeist, Blair Dame and Cracker Jack. The Fighting EX Layer is expected to be available before the end of June. Arika said there are possibilities of a PC launch.


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