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RUMOR: Rengo is the company that supplies the cardboard for Nintendo Labo

The Japanese company is a pioneer in the manufacture of the material

After the official announcement of Nintendo Labo, some opinions considered that the price to pay for the product in its 2 versions was excessive because it is cardboard. However, it is fair to consider that the material used by the product for Switch is not of low quality and in the market a piece of good quality cardboard is not cheap. In that sense, it has not been clear who is stocking the cardboard for Nintendo and a recent report refers to information about it.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Japanese company Rengo Co. is supplying the cardboard used for Nintendo Labo. This company, based in Osaka, is a pioneer in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard and currently stands out as a manufacturer of processed paper and packaging with a corrugated material, activities that have placed it as the third largest manufacturer of packaging materials and packaging products. The information obtained by the site, which was obtained from reliable sources, indicates that when Nintendo Labo was announced, it was suspected that the company Ohmura Shigyo Co., also specialized in the cardboard sector, was in charge of supplying the material to Nintendo. , speculation that positively impacted its financial area and caused an increase in the price of its shares.

Because Nintendo has not reported on the companies involved in the manufacturing process of Nintendo Labo, the leakage that Rengo is actually the company that supplies corrugated cardboard affected the stock market and caused the price of shares of this they will increase 1.5%, however, Ohmura experienced the opposite and their shares fell 4.1%. So far, neither Rengo nor Nintendo have issued an official statement, so this information should be taken with reservation.

Rengo Co. has 35 manufacturing plants in Japan and 55 factories in Asia and the United States. Currently, its market value is $ 2300 MDD.

Nintendo Labo will debut next April 20 with the Variety Kit, which costs $ 69.99 USD and the Robot Kit, which will be priced at $ 79.99 USD.


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