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Rockstar responds to criticism of pay inequality

An investigation showed the wage gap between women and men

The development of the video game industry meant the growth of the companies that are in charge of financing, developing and distributing the games that we enjoy and love. The companies linked to this sector have adapted to the times and legal frameworks of each country and in recent days Rockstar North received harsh criticism for reasons of wage inequality between men and women.

The situation became public after Rockstar North, based in Scotland and responsible for everything related to Grand Theft Auto, will submit a report to the UK government with data on the current labor situation, especially information on wage gaps. The delivery of this data is mandatory in the region and after an investigation, Kotaku found that the hourly pay of women working at Rockstar North is 64% lower than what men earn. Quantitatively, this means that for every £ 1 GBP ($ 1.40 USD) earned by a man in the company, a woman earns £ 0.36 GBP ($ 0.89 USD). In addition, the information refers that, although the percentage of extra bonuses received by men and women in the company seems to reflect equality, the reality is that women's bonuses are lower 84%.

Given the wave of criticism that this information triggered, Andrew Semple, director of Rockstar North, said that the existing salary gap is due to the structure of the company and that it is a coincidence that the senior staff and important positions are male. However, the director assured that all types of recognition and compensation are made based on merit and not on a gender preference.

After these statements, a representative of Rockstar reported that the company is working to close the gaps that are currently and that they are looking for the number of women who join their ranks to increase at all levels.

It is important to mention that Kotaku's research also includes information on the reports of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Namco UK, companies that, with the exception of the latter, maintain wage gaps and average gender representation in their Kingdom headquarters. United. This has put Rockstar North in the spotlight because, as can be seen in the graph above, the presence of women in the highest paid positions in the company is lower compared to their presence in the lower paid positions, data that they contrast with those of the other companies in the sector.


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