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Reveal World of Warcraft's collection edition : Battle for Azeroth

You could preorder the $ 99.99 collectible

The Battle for Azeroth, the brand new expansion of the World of Warcraft, already has a launch date. for this reason, blizzard prepares more than one surprises for the fans of the mmog. one of them is a brilliant collection edition of this content material.

If you are a game fanatic, you may no longer hesitate to collect the battle for Azeroth: Collector's edition. it's far a difficult cover bundle that consists of a code to download the expansion (pc or Mac) and a couple of new novels in order to tell you the destruction of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Alliance and the Horde.

Those stories will also debut in digital format, however, the best way to get them physically can be via this edition. similarly, you could demonstrate your loyalty to each the Horde and the Alliance with a double-sided badge.

Alternatively, the package will consist of a code to download the soundtrack of the brand new and epic expansion. further, you may obtain different digital content for different blizzard games. next, I leave you the list with the digital extras and a collectible image:

  • The frame of the Horde ravasaur adorned
  • Trenzamar Stallion Alliance Mount
  • Tortu, the Tortolian baby mascot
  • Increase character level to 110

  • Back of letter «Azeroth on fire»

  • Sable frame of primal flames

  • Gestures with the banners of the Alliance and the Horde to Tracer
  • Gestures of Torbj√∂rn «For the Alliance» and «For the Horde»
  • Icons of Zandalar and Kul'Tiras
  • Sprays by Anduin, Jaina, Sylvanas, and Varok

  • Sprays of the Alliance and the Horde

Keep in mind that, in addition to this series edition, there may be a trendy edition and any other digital Deluxe. you could enhance each version to gather all the contents of the collected edition. For this, blizzard will reimburse you for the total fee you've got made in balance to use once more in your store. This collectible will cost $ 99.99 USD and can be preordered.

It is essential which you understand that, if you purchased a standard edition after which went to digital Deluxe, you will best receive money back of the original copy. world of Warcraft: the battle for Azeroth will debut next August 14 on PC.

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