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Researcher rules out that Fortnite should be considered addictive

Andrew Reid assures that it is a well-designed game

Currently, Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the most popular games in the world and little by little it has become part of the mainstream. As in previous cases, this has caused some individuals to take advantage of it to call it addictive, however, an investigator believes that calling it that is a mistake.

According to the BBC, Andrew Reid, a doctoral researcher in games at the Glasgow Caledonian University, warned about the dangers of qualifying Fortnite: Battle Royale as an addictive title, since it is simply a well-designed experience that manages to keep your users

"The game has been carefully created to deliver a truly engaging experience, which is not only different for each player but changes every time you play. This makes it hard to stop playing Fortnite, but that's different from labeling it, and other games, from addictive ones, "Reid said.

Later, the creator made it clear that there are reasons why it is dangerous to mention lightly that a title is addictive: "We must be careful using this term. Addiction is a psychological disorder that refers to habitual and excessive activity. The addition of video games has been defined as the excessive consumption of video games that conflicts with daily life ".

Although what Reid says makes sense, the reality is that it does not calm the worry of all those parents who believe that their children spend a lot of time with Fortnite. This is why Reid also recommended that they are invited to play in moderation and that they try Fortnite: "I would recommend playing Fortnite on their own to understand why children are interested so that they can speak the same language and be in the same wave".

In his research, Reid explained that Fortnite has earned the preference of many for several factors. The main one is that it offers gaming experiences related to sensations, narrative, challenge, companionship, and hobby. Of course, also recognizes that everything that goes up has to go down so there will be a time when Fortnite "eventually withdraws to the annals of gaming folklore."

"Until then, players and online personalities will continue to kill zombies, fighting for supplies and contracting security pillars until someone becomes the last player standing," he concluded.

What do you think about Reid's research? Do you think your advice for parents is appropriate? Tell us in the comments.

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