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REPORT: PS4 was the best-selling console in March in the US

Hardware sales reflected Xbox One spending growth and Switch success

As happens every month, NPD Group revealed its analysis of hardware sales in the United States, this time corresponding to March and there is excellent news for fans of all consoles.

The analysis firm NPD Group and its star analyst, Mat Piscatella, revealed the sales performance of PS4, Xbox One and Switch in the US during March and there are positive results at the start, although hardware spending decreased compared to March 2017 -mon and the year in which Switch debuted- the outlook is different considering the quarterly data, where there is a growth of 13% compared to the first quarter of 2017 and this translates into sales of $ 925 MDD.

Although sales data was not offered, NPD Group reported that PlayStation 4 was the most sold console in the US during March and remains the best selling console so far this year. At the same time, the firm revealed that the growth in the sale of hardware was driven by an increase in the spending of Xbox One, a console that exceeded what registered in that area in the first quarter of 2014, its highest point until before 2018. Likewise, NPD said that the positive inertia in hardware sales is also a product of the success of Switch, which together with PS4 have become consoles with large sales in physical stores and online.

In the particular case of Switch, NPD Group revealed that its 32 GB model with Joy-Cons Red | Blue Neon, was the best-selling piece of hardware in March and also is so far this year. It is important to point out that this case is specific and as a single product, without counting total sales of models and bundles of other consoles.

Undoubtedly, the results published by NPD Group are excellent news for console users and it will always be positive that the hardware offerings of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft obtain a great response in the market.


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