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REPORT: GTA V is the most successful entertainment product

The game of Rockstar exceeds in income film productions

The history of video games realize success and significance of many titles and franchises but undoubtedly also includes a separate chapter to the phenomenon of Grand Theft Auto and especially for Grand Theft Auto V. And is that almost 5 years after its release, the most recent installment of the series continues to be successful and there is no list of best sellers in which it is not present. This, therefore, translates into a financial success that is giving something to talk about in the entertainment industry.

The MarketWatch site conducted an investigation into the success of Grand Theft Auto V in the entertainment industry and collected the analyst testimonials and data offered by their respective firms. Initially, it refers to the impressive number of copies sold by the game to date, which reached 90 million for February of this year, which has translated into a generation of revenues of $ 6 MMDD. This amount, according to Doug Creutz of the Cowen firm, has placed the title of Rockstar North as the most successful entertainment product, surpassing films like Star Wars or Gone With the Wind., that currently, and adjusting the numbers to inflation, have generated $ 3 MMDD without counting sales in disk or stream format that, at most, would add $ 1 MMDD. For the analyst, after what Nintendo has achieved with Super Mario Bros. - as a series since it does not have a game that is on par with sales regarding GTA V - the success of the Rockstar title is something unprecedented in the video game history.

For its part, Laura Martin of Needham & Co., was surprised by the fact that a game launched in 2013 continues to enjoy worldwide success in 2018. In that regard, the analyst said that the triumph of GTA V is a particular case that is far from the models of companies like Activision and Electronic Arts, which usually take a new title from a series every 1 or 2 years and some expansions to generate more money.

Likewise, Evan Wingren of KeyBanc, not only highlighted what was achieved by GTA V , which he considered successful because it is a very good video game, also its meaning in terms of business for the entertainment industry: "video games are already a better business In general, the games have an enviable position thanks to their interactive content, which allows them to obtain information based on data and adjust games and business models that benefit the players and the company. "

Grand Theft Auto V is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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