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REPORT: GTA IV will lose many of its songs

The use of licenses will come to an end and Rockstar already prepares the notice for users

The songs and radio stations in Grand Theft Auto have been a hallmark of the series, but since that time we toured the streets of Vice City accompanied by songs by Michael Jackson or Judas Priest, the musical repertoire of later installments became a subject in itself. However, the magic is not forever, or at least not for deliveries that were launched at a time when the Internet began to monitor everything and the songs that accompanied our criminal adventures in Grand Theft Auto IV could have days counted.

According to a Kotaku report, a few days after its 10th anniversary, GTA IV could undergo a major change because many of the songs in its repertoire will have to stop being used. As you know, it's a matter of licensing and Rockstar apparently agreed to license many of the songs in the game for a period of 10 years. Time passes quickly and, according to information from a source in the industry, GTA IV will lose many of its songs as of April 26 next. In that sense, the report indicates that the modification is necessary for the digital versions of the title, available on PSN, Xbox Store and PC, can continue to be available to the public, but not for physical editions that will not suffer this loss.

According to the report, although Rockstar has not issued a statement on the matter, it is expected that the owners of the digital version on PS3 will receive a message with an invitation to download the songs whose license will expire before April 26, so that they can continue to be reproduced from the storage device of the console. In this regard, there is no information on what will happen to the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

This event is not strange for the Grand Theft Auto games, because for years the versions of GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas of PC received a patch that removed the songs whose license had expired. On that occasion, the users were angry because Rockstar did not notify them and the patch was downloaded as if it were a common update. That is why the expectation is that the company will notify users on this occasion so that they take the appropriate measures with their versions of GTA IV. We will keep you informed about it.

What songs do you remember from GTA IV?


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