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Reaper joins Figma's line of Overwatch

You can now reserve the piece for $ 80 USD

The Figma line of Overwatch continues to grow and now has a new member, Gabriel Reyes, better known as Reaper.

Blizzard Entertainment and Good Smile Company announced that the new Figma figure of Reaper has articulations to represent the movements of the character. In addition, it includes the emblematic Hellfire shotguns with pieces of effects to recreate its ultimate, Liberation of Souls. The package also has 9 different handpieces, a stand and a base to show the effect of your Spectral Shape ability.

Figma de Reaper figure is made of ABS and PVC materials and measures approximately 16.5 centimetres. Overwatch fans can now set aside this figure for $ 80 USD and it will be sent in the first quarter of 2019. Those interested can buy it here.

Tracer was the first to join this Figma collection in 2017. In October they launched the figure of Genji and in February they announced that of Widowmaker. Also, in April Blizzard announced an amazing $ 175 USD Mercy figure.

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