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Radical Heights had better reception than LawBreakers

The Battle Royale of Boss Key surpassed the highest number of users of its previous title

After Boss Key Productions announced the launch in Radical Heights' Steam Early Access, the expectation was outlined to see if the players would turn to the new Battle Royale, taking advantage of the fact that gender is the current fashion, and if it would have a better start than the previous game of the study. After its first hours on the PC platform, everything indicates that the new title has had a better reception than LawBreakers, at least quantitatively.

According to a PCGamesN report, Radical Heights, the new Battle Royale from Cliff Bleszinski's studio, exceeded the highest number of players obtained by LawBreakers, which was 7,482 and was registered in the Open Beta that took place in June 2017. At the time of writing this note, the Boss Key Battle Royale registers a maximum of 9598 users and since a few hours, its trend has been on the rise. It is important to take this data with reservation because Radical Heights recently debuted on the Steam advance access yesterday, but, at the same time, they are proof that the studio's new game has had a better reception than the rugged LawBreakers.

Radical Heights is a Battle Royale with eighties theme that seeks to differentiate itself from the other games of the genre by appealing to the purchase of equipment and weapons by acquiring money that can be obtained in arcade machines, ATMs, and gambling. Basically, it is a time of distraction and fun prior to the ruthless pitched battle.

The new Boss Key Battle Royale is available on Steam Early Access.


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