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PUBG will receive a balance of weapons in its PC version

The developers want the weaponry to adapt to the situation

In a multiplayer experience, balance is everything and companies have to constantly review the gaming experience and the performance of the players, as well as their preference for certain weapons or strategies. Given its success, PUBG is constantly monitored by PUBG Corp. and the development team reported that a new update will soon arrive to balance the weapons.

Through a publication on its Steam site, PUBG Corp. reported that an update will soon be released to balance weapons in PUBG. The decision of the team was made after analyzing the game sessions and different indicators that account for the relationship of players with weapons and aims to generate an environment in which, in general terms, no weapon is better than another. In that sense, PUBG Corp. mentioned that the balance does not mean that the weapons will have the same power, since the intention is to adapt them to the situation and that the decision to use one or another weapon is made based on the type of combat that is Libra and not regarding its power: according to our research, only specific weapons are selected in most situations. We think that the decision to choose a weapon should be based on a personal decision and regarding its effectiveness in each situation, instead of just selecting the most powerful ones. "

At the same time, PUBG Corp. informed that they will implement some changes so that the response of weapons in PUBG is in accordance with the type of situation that is being experienced, whether it is short or long distance combat, or strategies that imply stealth, etc.

PUBG is available on PC and Xbox One.


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