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PlayStation announces its new board game!

PlayStation: The Boardgame includes ballpoint pen and paper to draw trophies

Taking into account that in some financial platforms support for projects related to table games is greater than that of video games, Sony decided to venture into this sector and presented PlayStation: The Boardgame.

Through a publication on Facebook, PlayStation Asia unveiled the new board game PlayStation: The Boardgame, designed to offer players a far-from-digital experience. The product description refers to the following: "with graphics lacking animation and no artificial intelligence, PlayStation: The Boardgame will allow you to experience the thrill of moving pieces across the board. to your friends, who are around the board. "

PlayStation: The Boardgame includes:
  • A board that is not in 4K
  • Ballpoint pen and paper to draw your own trophies
  • 6 books with the regulation
  • Intense multiplayer action for up to 4 players
  • Small and large dice

This is how Sony and PlayStation Asia decided to celebrate April Fools' Day, a day in which we must be very careful not to fall for some jokes.

What would you add to PlayStation: The Boardgame to celebrate this day?

Tell us in the comments and it's still here.


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