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Play WWE 2K18 for free on Xbox One this weekend

The game has a 50% discount for Xbox LIVE Gold users

If you are an Xbox One user and have an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, we have good news for you, as Microsoft announced that you will be able to play WWE 2K18 for free this weekend.

Thus, the free trial is now available and will end on Monday, April 9 at 1:59 AM in Mexico City, 3:59 AM from Santiago, Chile. It will only be necessary to go to the Days of Free Game tab that is available in the Xbox One dashboard and from there you can make the corresponding download. The file requires 43.71 GB of hard drive, so make sure you have the necessary space.

That's not all since the game has a 50% discount in the Microsoft Store. The standard edition of WWE 2K18 costs $ 699 MXN, while the deluxe edition is priced at $ 760.80 MXN. Remember that all your progress and achievements will be kept in case you decide to return later to the game.

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