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Play PAYDAY 2 and Arma III for free on Steam

Take advantage of the offers of these games this weekend

If you are a PC player there is good news for you, because this weekend you can play Arma III and PAYDAY 2 for free on Steam. To make matters worse, these titles also have a discount, so you'll have the opportunity to add them to your collection.

We started with PAYDAY 2, the OVERKILL shooting title that allows you to work as a team with other players to perform crimes in banks and nightclubs. To download the game you only need to go to Steam and have 45 GB on your hard drive.

If you are happy with the experience, then you can buy PAYDAY 2 with 50% discount, that is, $ 49.99 MXN. For its part, PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, which includes 37 downloadable packages, is available for $ 236.50 MXN. Check all the details here.

Next is Arma III, a title that includes single-player and multiplayer content. The online combat offers maps and modalities created by the developers, but there are also elements elaborated by the community. Regarding the individual section, the game shows the story of Ben Kerry through 3 episodes of campaigns, where you must adapt to survive. As if that were not enough, it includes support for VR.

Arma III also has a discount so you can buy it for $ 237.99 MXN. For its part, Arma III Apex Edition is priced at $ 407.99 MXN and includes 4 downloadable packages. In addition, Arma III DLC Bundle 1 costs $ 118.99 MXN and Arma III DLC Bundle 2 $ 359.99 MXN. Find more information on the Steam page.

You can try these games until the night of Sunday, April 29. The PAYDAY 2 offers will also be available until April 29 and those of Arma III until the 30th of the same month.

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