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Pachter thinks that Detroit: Become Human will sell 3 to 4 million copies

The analyst considers those numbers positive for a game of that style

We are just a few weeks away from the launch of Detroit: Become Human on PS4 and along with the flow of official information, some sales forecasts are also starting to take shape, especially since, despite being an exclusive that has been something to talk about, it is still a niche game.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter spoke with GamingBolt about his expectation of sales for Detroit: Become Human, which is based on the idea that, although it is exclusive, it has a limited attraction for players for its style of the game and the fact that it is a story for a single player. In that sense, Pachter said: "I like Quantic Dream very much, their games appeal to a certain type of player, they are niche titles in terms of style and, above all, because they are single-player games, at a time when These are on one side and the multiplayer on another and I personally prefer single player titles and I think we need more games of that kind. "

Later, the analyst of Wedbush Securities revealed his expectation of sale for Detroit: Become Human , which, by the niche to which it belongs, will be below what registered by other franchises but it will not stop being a positive result: "I am interested in Detroit: Become Human, it seems that it will be a different game, I think Quantic Dream creates very dark stories that make you think, but if you want escapism actions or something like that, your games are not the best in that sense. a big fan and I think it will go very well, but not to sell 15 million copies or exceed what God of War does, my forecast is that it will sell 3 to 4 million, which is a good result for an exclusive PS4 "

Detroit: Become Human will debut on May 25 on PS4.


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