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Pachter: It's not too late for Microsoft to work on first-party games

The analyst thinks that exclusives are not vital because they have lost relevance

Since its launch in 2013, Xbox One has been singled out and criticized for what is considered to be an absence of first-party content and the inadequacy of the offer presented by Halo, Gears of War and Forza in a market combated by PS4. Since last year, the Xbox division, led by Phil Spencer, said they are already working on first-party content and that this is the priority in the present and for the future. However, Michael Pachter considers that this is not vital for the console.

In an interview conducted by GamingBolt, Michael Pachter, the controversial analyst of Wedbish Securities, spoke about the work of Microsoft and Xbox around the creation of new first-party games that aim to change the current situation of Xbox One and satisfy the players who ask for more titles Exclusive In that sense, the analyst said that it is still time for this to happen but it is not something vital for the console either: "No, it's not too late, but I'm not sure that the exclusives matter as much as they used to." When Sony launched PlayStation They had a lot of exclusives because they needed to show the public why they should change their Nintendo console for one of them.This kind of thing is already established now and I think that it does not require an impressive first-party offer support; fact, I can not say that the exclusive offer is what makes people buy PlayStation consoles. I think they buy a PS4 because it's a great device, because they like PSN and because it has good first and third-party content. I even think that they prefer the console because of the temporary exclusive content that it offers for all of Duty and that has helped. "

Subsequently, Pachter considered that the situation of Xbox One is not as complicated as you think and rather it is a mistake in the approach: "I think Microsoft is fine, your first-party offer is not bad, I think that what happens is that they have small markets and currently do not have the appeal of the games of Sony and Nintendo.Personally, I think Sony has done an excellent job with their exclusive titles and Microsoft has focused on the multiplayer, to the extent that it has not made a good work with single-player titles. Honestly, I think that's the big difference between Sony and Microsoft, not quality because Microsoft's games are very good. "

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