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Overwatch will have new skins for Hanzo, Doomfist and Shadow

Blizzard shows the first designs of the event Archives

Little is missing for the new Overwatch event, so Blizzard Entertainment is beginning to show little by little the skins that will be available as part of the Overwatch Files event.

To start we have Hanzo with the Descendant attire. Here, the member of the Shimada family will have a formal attire, wearing a gray vest with blue details, shirt, and tie. Her hairstyle also has changed, because instead of having her classic man bun, she now has short hair.

Shadow will also receive a new design. The Mexican hacker will have the Talon Sombra skin, a black armor with white that includes orange details. His hair will also receive changes because his hair was trimmed and now has a brown tone.

Finally, we have Doomfist with its Talon design. Like Sombra, the Nigerian has a white armor with orange lines. In his fist are most details, including 3 small claws. In the same way as the past characters, Blizzard took Doomfist to the stylist, since it has a new cut.

This week Blizzard released a new video about the Venganza mission, where Reyes gives some details and points out that he made an important decision. Also, the studio published a video to show the new skin of Moira, same that was revealed with the new activity of the game.

Overwatch files will be available from April 10 to April 30. The event will bring King's Row Insurrection back and add the Mission Vengeance activity. In the loot, boxes will be available 100 items of 2017 plus 60 exclusives this year.

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