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Media Create: Valkyria Chronicles 4 had unsatisfactory sales in Japan

The debut of the third installment of the series was better on the eastern island

We still do not know with certainty the debut date of Valkyria Chronicles 4 in America. What is a fact is that the game arrived in Japan on March 29? Expectations for the launch of this new release have been high; however, everything seems to indicate that his arrival on the island was not as successful as expected.

Media Create rated the debut of Valkyria Chronicles 4 as unsatisfactory. The firm compared the initial sales of this delivery with those of past games of the franchise. In this way, he determined that the game may not have met SEGA's expectations.

According to the details, Valkyria Chronicles 4 sold about 62,921 units during its launch. Despite being a main delivery of the series, it narrowly surpassed Valkyria Revolution, which sold 56,000 units in its debut.

On the other, Valkyria Chronicles 3 managed to sell 103,000 units in its first week in Japan. Thus, Media Create believes that the new title did not have a very successful launch in the Japanese market.

Only time will tell if Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to reach the goals of SEGA at the commercial level. Fortunately, its launch in the West is still pending, which could contribute to its future success.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will debut on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One sometime in the fall of this year. The title will have a Season Pass that will give you access to several additional missions.


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