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Jason Kingsley criticizes errors in the implementation of loot boxes

The director of Rebellion did not hesitate to condemn the pay-to-win systems

Last year, the community of players raised their voices against some systems of loot boxes that were considered unfair and abusive. The game that received the most criticism was Star Wars. EA's Battlefront II and the controversy helped the companies to consider better ways to integrate such proposals into their games. In this situation, the CEO of Rebellion did not hesitate to give his point of view and was firm in criticizing the pay-to-win.

In an interview that will be published in the next issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, commented on the systems of loot boxes and the errors that have fallen some companies to try to implement in their games. Initially, Kingsley considered that a perspective of offering extra content to the consumer is positive, as long as that does not imply an advantage over other players: "I think that the idea of offering incredible things to the consumer in a game is fine, but The idea of buying a victory is a negative thing, it would be like a football match in which a team pays to have 13 players on the court. "

At the same time, the general director of the British studio, expressed his dissatisfaction against poorly implemented boot-box systems because he says that its impact affects all those involved in the development and distribution of a game: "bad loot boxes implemented are a disaster, a disaster of public relations, of gaming experience and in every way possible, in addition to diminishing the value of the product ".

Finally, Kingsley said that, despite the controversy, the systems of loot boxes can be maintained if they overcome this initial stage in which companies seek the best way to integrate this new business model: "I think we are now in that uncomfortable phase in which the new business model tries to find a good place to settle in. There are good implementations of loot boxes that have people happy and also bad experiences with which people are not happy. "


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