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Jade Raymond's new game will not be based on current trends

Raymond: we are trying to do something new

It is a fact that Jade Raymond, one of the minds behind the first Assassin's Creed, joined Electronic Arts to create a new franchise that promises to be ambitious. While we still do not know many details about her, the head of EA Motive says it will not be based on current trends

As part of an interview with US Gamer, Raymond was questioned about whether they are building their new title based on the current state of the AAA games. Given this, the creative responded that its goal is to create something new and if they followed current trends, the reality is that your project would be seen as outdated when debuted.

"We try to innovate. We really want to create something new (...) We are making a new franchise and it will take us a few years to finish it. If we started doing what we see now [in the AAA games] then it probably would not be great when debuting. We would be bored! Something like 'this is what was in fashion 3 years ago!' We would look like idiots. So what we are trying to do is create a studio that has a culture of its own that can be a creative and more diverse leader, because I think that bringing people from different cultures and perspectives together is how you manage to innovate, "he explained.

Later, Raymond ruled out that narrative games are dead and believe they can have an important place in a world of games like service and social titles: "I think there are still many things to explore in terms of narrative games and new approaches. I think it's something that can be considered the holy grail of video games. We have not yet discovered how a social game with a focus on narrative can be, or how a story can exist as a service. I think that when you think in a traditional way, a story has a beginning, a middle and an end and that's where the story ends for those who play it for the narrative. So I think it's exciting when you can create a story that is attractive but can continue to live. "

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As we mentioned earlier, at the moment there is not much information about what Raymond is preparing for his new project. What we know is that it will have elements never before seen in the industry and that it will have a style similar to Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed.

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