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Great Wii U games that could reach Nintendo Switch

What exclusive Wii U video games remain to come to Nintendo Switch? We have already had the landing of important exponents of this machine, but everything points to the strategy of the Great N to recover titles of this console is not going to stop. Here we present our particular commitment to the future.

The Wii U console was a failure in sales, but that does not mean that it did not have great titles. In fact, even if only 13.5 million machines were sold, the number of video games sold was 101 million. This makes us understand that the platform actually had a large catalogue, with real gems that were logical to recover on Nintendo Switch.

It has been one of the great strategies of Nintendo for its new video console: to adapt to Nintendo Switch the best video games of Wii U. There we had exponents like Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Pokken Tournament or Lego City Undercover. And that to name only the exclusive ones. Apart, and looking to the future, we know that the trend will continue, with the recovery of other games like DKC: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors or Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

When these releases take place, much of the exclusive Wii U catalogue will have already been recovered. But the question is: what is left? And above all: what video games have more ballots to be taken to Nintendo Switch? Given that this is an unavoidable issue, we have decided to give you an answer through this report. We pick up some of the video games that premiered on Wii U and that are likely - to a greater or lesser degree - to end up being part of the increasingly attractive Switch catalogue. We also studied if they could bring news, and what could be, in order to improve the original approaches.

Super Mario 3D World

Year of original release: 2013 3D

We are facing one of the strongest candidates to be adapted to Nintendo Switch. The reason is obvious: it is one of the best launches made on Wii U. A platform with a very nice gameplay, with cooperative of up to four players and a very long duration, supported by an incredible number of unlockable elements.

What news could it bring?
  • Incorporation of new worlds and playable characters.
  • Added competitive modes, the aspect that was missed.
  • Improved online functions, with new possibilities.
New Super Mario Bros. U

Year of the original premiere: 2012 

It seems quite obvious that this video game should not be rescued as such, nothing more by name. Therefore, the logical thing would be to think that we would actually find ourselves before a transformed video game. Maybe New Super Mario Bros. Switch? The fact is that we see quite likely that we receive a Mario 2D in this console, and this would be a good option.

What news could it bring?
  • Powerful transformation in terms of content ... new video game?
  • New worlds and characters to control.
  • Improvement in the level of challenge.
Pikmin 3

Year of the original premiere: 2013 

We do not know if you are working on a new Pikmin. What is clear is that Nintendo has an ace in the sleeve with this release for Wii U, since it is a great video game, although it will have limited success. Now would be a good time to recover it, and so new users discover why Miyamoto is so determined to take care of the saga.

What news could it bring?
  • Enhancement of replayability.
  • Improved touch integration, thanks to Switch hardware.
  • New missions and challenges that increase the duration.
The Wonderful 101

Year of the original premiere: 2013 

Platinum Games made a decided bet for the consoles of Nintendo, and this is one of the biggest demonstrations. The Wonderful 101 did not set records of any kind but was commissioned to give Wii U some prestige in the early stages of its life. Since the game was unique in its kind, we do not rule out that they decide to rescue him for Switch.

What news could it bring?
  • New levels and challenges.
  • Eliminate the control problems of the original game.
  • Technical improvements that enhance the experience (load times).
Super Mario Maker

Year of the original premiere: 2015 

We see relatively simple that a video game like Super Mario Maker can easily adapt to Nintendo Switch. It fails the concept of the double screen that did have Wii U and 3DS, but should not be an impediment to recover one of the most curious titles that gave us the last generation of consoles. A funny editor full of possibilities.

What news could it bring?
  • Incorporation of cooperative for several users.
  • New construction options or some additional modality.
  • The Switch screen is larger and more precise, something that should be exploited.
Star Fox Zero

Year of the original premiere: 2016 

Star Fox Zero was a video game designed to take advantage of the asymmetric functionality of Wii U. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to transfer its gameplay to Nintendo Switch. Moreover, we see an important opportunity to improve certain aspects of the original video game: mainly the confusion caused by the control system.

What news could it bring?
  • New missions and game possibilities.
  • Improvement in control, with a more classic scheme.
  • Improvements in visual section, the aspect that paled a bit in the original game.
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Year of the original premiere: 2015 

The very president of Monolith Soft has ruled that he would like to see Xenoblade Chronicles X on Nintendo Switch, although it is something that will depend on the response of the fans. Of course, its incorporation would mean the addition of one of the J-RPG references of recent times, both for global quality and for the game duration.

What news could it bring?
  • Improvements in the rhythm of the game.
  • A more successful tutorial system, given the complexity of the title.
  • Additional contents
What other Wii U games could be recovered?

In this last section, we incorporate some video games that we are not so clear that they end up adapting to Nintendo Switch, but that can not be ruled out.

Yoshi's Woolly World. A new Yoshi video game is currently in execution, which could arrive during this same 2018, but we do not rule out that this Wii U title could recover at some point. His incredible artistic section deserves it.

Kirby and the Rainbow Brush. Having recently released a Kirby video game, we do not see that this adaptation is likely, at least in the short term. However, it is a possibility, more taking into account its strongly tactile nature.

Paper Mario: Color Splash. We do not see it as a priority within the adaptations, mainly because we see more likely that Nintendo bet on a new instalment of the Paper Mario series. In any case, we remain expectant.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. It was a good video game, which would come to cover a genre that Nintendo Switch has something abandoned for now: the terror.

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