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Goichi Suda already thinks about the next No More Heroes

The creative already completed between 35 and 40% of the development of Travis Strikes Again

Goichi Suda recently presented an advance of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes at PAX East 2018. The creative took advantage of the event to share some additional details about this installment and the future of his popular series.

During an interview with GameXplain! Suda said he is already thinking about the next numbered installment of the series. According to him, he already has a game outline in his head and Travis Strikes Again has as its main purpose to reawaken the interest in the franchise.

The creative revealed that the development of Travis Strikes Again is complete between 35 and 40%. Suda is confident that the title will debut this year since the tasks to complete it have already accelerated.

As we told you, Travis Strikes Again will have 7 types of games. The developer expects fans to enjoy the variety of experiences that the new release will offer. In addition, he said that each boss will be different in terms of gameplay and challenge.

As for the narrative of the game, little by little we will know details of what happened to Travis Touchdown in the 7 years between No More Heroes 2 and Travis Strikes Again.

On the other hand, Suda highlighted the capabilities of Switch and stated that, as soon as he saw the console, he knew that it was the ideal time to bring back the franchise. The creation of Travis Strikes Again has been somewhat complicated, since it is in charge of a small team where each member has a defined objective.

As for the music of the game, Suda revealed that he is in charge of 2 Japanese DJs: Abo and DJ 1-2. Jun Fukuda takes care of the sound effects, while there is a possibility that Masafumi Takada can also participate in the soundtrack.

In related news, Suda would like to see Travis in the new Super Smash Bros. On the other hand, the developer talked about the adventure mode of Travis Strikes Again and the characters that will be available.

Is expected to Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes debut this year on Nintendo Switch. There are still no details on its exact launch date or on whether it will reach more systems.


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