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Get ready to capture the elusive Latios in Pokémon GO

From May you can also catch Latias

There is good news for Pokémon GO players. Niantic confirmed that as of today it is possible to catch Latios, legendary Pokémon of Hoenn. This dragon and psychic type creature will be available for a limited time in our region, so do not miss the opportunity to capture it.

Latios is available for the moment in North America, South America, and Africa. Latias also reached the title today, but only to Europe and Asia. The legendary creatures will change location on May 8, so you can add both to your Pokédex.

Capturing them will be a great challenge because they are distinguished by being elusive. Niantic recommended the use of Pokémon such as Tyranitar and Mawile, who will also appear in raid combats, to face Latios and Latias.
Like all special Pokémon, this duo will disappear after a certain date. You will have until June 5 to get both creatures. Latios takes the place of Lugia, a legendary creature that arrived in mid-March.

Pokémon GO recently received a new update. With it, they debuted the research tasks. These new missions will reward you with special items. However, the most interesting thing is that they give you a chance to capture Mew.

If you have had problems to enjoy Pokémon GO, remember that it stopped receiving support on several Apple devices. So you can not play it on your iPhone or iPad that cannot be updated to iOS 11.

In recent news, Niantic will pay $ 1.6 million to those affected by the failure of a game event. On the other hand, the company celebrated the April Fools' Day with a peculiar joke.


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