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Fortnite surpasses Minecraft's popularity on YouTube

The title of Epic had more than 2.4 billion views in February alone

The meteoric rise of Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon. The title of Epic has the highest number of videos a month in the entire history of YouTube. This has led him to overcome the fame of other games of the genre, as well as to surpass titles with important records in the platform.

According to the latest reports, Fortnite had more than 2.4 billion views on YouTube in February alone. So, now it is the most watched game of the whole platform. Previously, Minecraft occupied that position with billions of visits per month.

Despite this, the audience of Minecraft has decreased little by little. While Fortnite has not reached the most remarkable records in the Mojang game, it finally surpassed it in February. The fame of the title of Epic also ended the leadership of games like Clash Royale, quite popular on YouTube.

So that you have a clearer idea of the enormous success of Fortnite, I leave you some comparative graphs courtesy of Matchmade. In them you can see the number of YouTube viewers who have had several titles in the last 12 months:

"The pace of growth Fortnite is striking. Between January and February, the audience Fortnite grew a huge 151%. During the last 6 months, the average monthly growth rate of hearing Fortnite on YouTube is 97%", affirmed Matchmade.

According to the media, more and more content creators are interested in the game. So, it would not be uncommon to know that Fortnite will remain the favorite game of the YouTube audience for many more months.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices.


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