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Fortnite could be on its way to the Chinese market

A publication has given clues about the next step of Epic Games

The Battle Royale genre is experiencing its most popular stage in the world and currently, Fortnite: Battle Royale is the game that has conquered players in every corner of the planet. However, the jewel in the crown that represents the greatest business potential for video game companies is still missing: the Chinese market. That is why a recent publication of Epic Games suggests that the game would be coming officially to the Asian country.

Yesterday, the official Fortnite account on Twitter posted a message saying that the bus has already started and its next stop is in China. The publication is accompanied by an image that shows the passport of one of the characters of the game and the stamp of access to the Asian country, which indicates as date April 23. Immediately, fans began to speculate about what Epic Games brings up and some opinions consider that the company would be announcing the arrival of Fortnite to the Chinese market. On the other hand, some users consider that it could be a new piece of territory with a theme of Chinese culture and others think that there will soon be a map change although Epic has made it clear that this is not a priority at this time.
It is important to mention that the legal conditions of the Chinese market have led to the growth of the video game industry in the country, although publishing and distributing the titles is not so easy and implies having the support of a national company. In the case of Fortnite, Epic Games could rely on its relationship with Tencent, the Chinese communications giant that has made video games a big business in the country and that has 48% of the North American company. In case this was true, Epic Games would have to deal with some modifications to the content of the game to suit the Chinese legal framework and would also have to consider legal disputes against the companies that have cloned the gaming experience., such as NetEase and its FortCraft title.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS.


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