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Filtered Red Dead Redemption 2 art book

The publication will give an account of the entire development process

2018 is a year that will mark the return of Rockstar Games after the impressive success they had with Grand Theft Auto V, and on October 26th the company will bring us Red Dead Redemption 2, a title that, for many players, will immediately emerge as the best game of the year. It seems that the launch of this game is being planned in large and although there are still a few months left, there are already some leaks, like the art book that will accompany his debut.

Recently, Amazon registered a publication of the publishers Random House and Rizzoli with a scheduled launch date for October 30 next. The product, which still has no name, is described as a 208-page art book priced at $ 35, but for a limited time is offered at $ 27. Although there is no more information, no image, 2 details of the publication attracted attention, because the suggestion to purchase similar products leads to art books related to video game franchises and, most importantly, the ISBN is shared ( International Normalized Book Number), 978-0847862986.

By entering the previous number in publication record sites, the information confirms that it is an art book by Red Dead Redemption 2. According to the description of the ISBN, the publication will be called The Art of Red Dead Redemption II and includes a whole register in images and art of the creative process of the second installment of the series. This book will give an account of the construction of each element of the game, sketches, storylines, conceptual art and images of the project in its advanced stage of development.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will arrive on October 26 on PS4 and Xbox One.


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