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Epic contemplates a Gun Game mode for Fortnite: Battle Royale

The suggestion of the users could come true

The Battle Royale mode of Fortnite offers some limited-time gaming experiences that present interesting dynamics and give freshness to the games. The success of the battlefield component and the relationship of the development team with the fans makes it possible for suggestions to reach those involved and, perhaps, end up being a game mode. Such is the case of the request of some users for the popular Gun Game mode to be integrated into Fortnite.

This weekend, the official site on Reddit of Fortnite presented a suggestion by users for the Gun Game mode is integrated as an event for a limited time. Gun Game is a game mode, popularized by Call of Duty, which is based on a battle in which all players begin with a simple weapon and as the opponent is eliminated the weapons improve; in that case, the winner is the player who has eliminated the opponents with each weapon. After the publication received the approval and the support of the community, a member of the development team of Fortnite joined the conversation and assured that a Gun Game mode is contemplated in the future, although some details would have to be polished.

According to the creative, the integration of a Gun Game mode in Fortnite pitched battle would imply some important modifications to the structure of the game, such as accelerating the storm's progress, implementing a respawn system since the last player could no longer stand, because in this case, it would be the player who has eliminated others with each weapon. He also asked fans if they would like the fight to start with high-powered weapons and to decrease until they reach the last meeting with simple weapons.

Would you like a Gun Game mode for Fortnite: Battle Royale?


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