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Do not miss the first teaser trailer of the Mega Drive Mini

The retro console will debut this year in Japan

SEGA has great plans for the rest of the year and among them is paying tribute to one of its most popular consoles. Of course, we refer to the Mega Drive, which in America we know as SEGA Genesis.

The company yesterday revealed its intentions to launch a new retro console. While the details of the Mega Drive Mini are still scarce, SEGA released the first teaser trailer for the console. Thanks to him we have a more complete idea of how the product will look.

Before you get excited, you should know that the video lasts only a few seconds. Unfortunately, it does not contain additional system information, so we still do not know the title alignment that will be included. Without more, I leave the trailer:

Haruki Satomi, executive manager of SEGA, promised that there will be more details of the console shortly, revealed in SEGA Fes 2018. According to the manager, the system will be available this year, at least in Japan.

At the moment, a western version of the system has not been confirmed. Mega Drive Mini will hit the market to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original platform, which arrived in Japan in October 1988. Thus, there is a possibility that the new mini console will debut in that month.

In SEGA Fes 2018, the company also confirmed the return of the first 2 deliveries of Shenmue. As if that were not enough, he announced the arrival of SEGA Ages, a collection of retro titles that will debut on the Nintendo Switch. 


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