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Director of A Way Out is already working on a new game

Josef Fares was enthusiastic about his next project

A Way Out debuted a few days ago with a good acceptance by the players. Josef Fares, director of the title, could well take a well-deserved rest, but his plans are very different. The creative confirmed that he is already working on his next project.

From his Twitter account, Fares revealed that they recently started work for his next game. The developer was enthusiastic about this new step and expressed his passion for his work.

"Today is officially the beginning of the next game and I AM INCREDIBLY excited! I love making video games and I'm eager to show it, "Fares wrote. Unfortunately, it is too early to know anything about what the creative person is preparing.
Fares are also responsible for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which he developed in collaboration with Starbreeze Studios. It is a fact that his next project will be in the hands of Hazelight Studios, the company of which he is a founder.

The message of Fares does not make clear in what stage his new game is, but surely still work on the concept to later submit it and be approved by a distributor.

A Way Out came to the market thanks to Electronic Arts so it would not be strange to know that the companies will collaborate again. However, nothing is confirmed, so we must wait for more details.

On the other hand, Fares wants A Way Out to inspire AAA games. The creative explained why the title will not come to Nintendo Switch. A Way Out is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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