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Director of Spider-Man for PS4 wants Marvel heroes in Kingdom Hearts

Intihar: it's my dream, it would be something amazing

Since Disney bought Marvel, an idea that has crossed the minds of more than one player is the possibility of seeing characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man or Hulk in a future installment of Kingdom Hearts. Interestingly, fans are not the only ones who dream of this, as Bryan Intihar, director of Marvel's Spider-Man, also wants it to happen.

As part of its coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man, Game Informer had a quick question session with Intihar. One of them was if he would like Marvel heroes and villains to arrive in Kingdom Hearts and before this Intihar could not contain his emotion.

"It's my dream. It would be amazing. They have to start putting Marvel worlds there, right? They already added the Pixar stuff, so we need Star Wars, we need Marvel. It would be amazing to have Sora dressed as Spider-Man! It would be great. It would be amazing, "he said.

Despite his enthusiasm, the reality is that Intihar has no influence whatsoever that allows him to take the Marvel characters to the world of Kingdom Hearts - this is something that only Disney and Square Enix can decide - but it is exciting to see that Industry creatives also like the idea. So, only time will tell if at any time this dream of the community comes true.

And you, do you think it's a matter of time for Star Wars and Marvel characters to arrive in Kingdom Hearts? Would you like it to happen? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, yesterday it was revealed that Marvel's Spider-Man will have downloadable content and its first additional chapter will focus on Black Cat. Also, yesterday we learned that, fortunately, Marvel's Spider-Man will not have microtransactions. Also, we believe that you will be interested to see its collection edition, which will include a mysterious statue of the arachnid hero.

Marvel's Spider-Man will arrive on September 7 in exclusive to PlayStation 4


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