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David Cage talks about Detroit's map of possibilities : Become Human

The team ensures that the game is a context in which you can make your story

The Quantic Dream games, in addition to offering a visual section rich in content, also present an interesting map of possibilities that takes history through different paths and, in many cases, make players live a different experience. Detroit: Become Human will not be the exception, but everything indicates that it could be the most complex title of Quantic Dream in terms of the possibilities and impact of decisions in history.

In an interview for IGN, David Cage, creative director of Detroit: Become Human, talked about the map of the game's possibilities and how the decisions made or deliberate omissions will influence the story. In that sense, the creator declared: "there are entire scenes that you can see or lose depending on the way you play, there are characters that could accompany you throughout the game or just for a moment." In the title, the characters can die in different parts of the story, so you must be careful with your decisions and worry about them, otherwise, you will lose them ".

On the other hand, Adam Williams, screenwriter of Detroit: Become Human, spoke about the end of the game and the possibility of multiple outcomes. In this regard, the creative said that the structure of the title is more complex than you think: "The story you get when you play will be something very personal." You will have a kind of fingerprint in question narrative because 2 players will not have the same experience There is a map of possibilities in the game and it really looks like it is a constellation or a galaxy.The question, how many finals does it have? Implies that there is a horizontal axis of end A, B, and C, but what we could consider as final, it is variable There is no canonical version of Detroit: Become Human. It's not a simple story that you can modify, it's a context in which you can make your story. "

Detroit: Become Human will arrive on May 25th on PS4.


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