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Dark Devotion action RPG is on its way to PC and consoles

The title will be distributed by The Arcade Crew

If you are a fan of the RPG of action in a retro style and where the exploration of dungeons is privileged, there is excellent news for you as the company DotEmu announced today that it will take charge of the distribution of the title developed by Hibernian Workshop: Dark Devotion.

Today DotEmu reported that their newly created division The Arcade Crew will be responsible for bringing the RPG action and exploration of dungeons, Dark Devotion to PC and consoles. Dark Devotion started as a sponsored project on the Kickstarter support platform, where it had a successful campaign and this resulted in it winning a space on Steam, where fans are waiting for the official release. However, something in the game caught the attention of DotEmu and now it can be guaranteed that the title will be a reality.

Dark Devotion is an RPG of action in perspective 2D in which you take the control of a heroine that belongs to the order of the Templars and the development of history will take you to know the darkest side of religious devotion and fundamentalist thinking. Like any game of the genre, you must finish with the most enemies to obtain experience and interesting items that will increase your level and Hibernian Workshop has presumed that the number of items, weapons, and objects will be impressive. At the same time, you will have to measure your combat ability and your dexterity with control while advancing in different dungeons and some environments belonging to the 4 worlds that await you.

Although it is known that Dark Devotion will come to PC, The Arcade Crew reported that it will also debut on consoles, although they were not specified.


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