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Cory Barlog responds to criticism for changes in God of War

The creative said that the new delivery will preserve the DNA of the series

Cory Barlog and his team decided to make some important changes for God of War. The new installment of PlayStation 4 will be distinguished by offering us a new perspective of Kratos, which will leave aside, to some extent, his bloodthirsty side in the presence of Atreus, his son.

Part of the fans of the franchise are more than excited to know this new facet of the character; however, many other players are not very satisfied with this nor with the changes at the level of gameplay.

Given this, Barlog decided to talk about the issue and respond to criticism of the new delivery. "I know there are a lot of people who say, 'It's totally different, they're changing a lot, it's not my God of War, Hashtag, cancel my advance order,' but I think a lot of people have to play it," the game director said.

The intention of Barlog is that players do not pass the title, as part of the development team has members who have been present since the beginning of the franchise. In addition, he commented that there was no forced change because there was a natural evolution. For this reason, God of War will preserve the essence of the series.

"Nothing has changed cynically or under pressure or simply unwillingly. We all put a lot of our heart and soul into this game, and the DNA of what this franchise is still pumped through the blood of this game, "Barlog concluded.

In this week we have had more interesting news about the title, so now we know that it will have several game modes. Thanks to this, players can enjoy an adventure of just over 40 hours.

If you're worried about the storage space of your console, keep in mind that the game could weigh about 39 GB. Barlog also revealed that Kratos could be left out of the new title in order to completely renew the series.

God of War will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20.


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