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Check out new screenshots of Dragon Quest Builders 2

Images show the protagonists and a location of the title

More and more information is coming out of Dragon Quest Builders 2. On this occasion, Square Enix shared a new round of captures of its construction title. Thanks to this, we can take a look at one of its locations and meet its protagonists.

As you can see below, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will feature a male and a female hero. The company has already confirmed that the story of this installment will be based on Dragon Quest II so we may see old acquaintances.

According to the details, the protagonists are descendants of legendary builders. Thus, they will have the ability to create and populate the game world. In one of the images, you see an empty island, which will be ideal for you to show your design and building skills.

As if that were not enough, we have the opportunity to see an art by Malroth, the main antagonist of Dragon Quest II. At the moment there are no more details of the narrative of the title, so we must wait. Without further ado, I leave the images below:

Square Enix claimed that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be even more ambitious than the first installment. The sequel will allow you to build taller buildings, they may even have three times as high as in the first game.

In addition, everything indicates that the company prepares some news in terms of multiplayer functions. Finally, we know that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will take advantage of the full potential of the current generation consoles.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 still has no release date. The game is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 


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