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Check out the new Dragon Quest VR trailer

The virtual reality experience will arrive in Japan on April 27

Dragon Quest is one of the most important series in Japan and for decades, fans have not stopped expressing their love and preference for this JRPG. Like many series, Dragon Quest has offered some titles focused on offering a different experience according to the trend and the franchise will soon receive its virtual reality experience that will come thanks to Dragon Quest VR.

Square Enix presented the new trailer for Dragon Quest VR, virtual reality experience designed and developed for the stations of Zone Shinjuku, a complex created by Bandai Namco. The title, which fits into this new trend of complex VR in Japan, allows players to live an adventure of Dragon Quest as if it were a character of JRPG. Users can select between a warrior, a magician or a priest, each with particular abilities, and from there start with the tour, which not only stands out for the great environments available, but for its battle system that reflects, from a personal perspective, the classic characteristics of the genre in terms of use of weapons, magic, attack and defense.

Dragon Quest VR will debut in Japan on April 27 but will have a great presentation event 2 days before, when it will be ready to be shown at the Zone Shinjuku complex.


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