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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xenogears with the action figures for sale of Fei Fong Wong

The commemorative piece will arrive in August of this year

Last February, Xenogears turned 20 years of its launch on PlayStation and Square Enix has not stopped celebrating one of the most celebrated JRPG fans of the genre. The commemoration for the 2 decades of the title did not end with the 2 concerts held in Japan in recent days, and now it is the turn of the protagonist, who will arrive in a few months.

Square Enix presented the official figure of Fei Fong Wong, the protagonist of Xenogears, which will be launched as part of its Bring Arts line and represents an authentic collector's item for fans of the JRPG cult. The action figure of Fei Fong Wong is 15 centimeters tall and, in addition to its impressive attention to detail and painting work, includes different points of articulation that will allow it to be placed in varied positions. The piece will include a base to place it in a sample position, as well as 4 games for changing hands and an extra face, showing the protagonist with a battle gesture.


The action figure of Fei Fong Wong of Xenogears is already in presale in Japan and has a cost of $ 51 USD, with a launch window scheduled for August of this year.


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