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Bungie and Activision try to curb Destiny soundtrack distribution

The album composed by Marty O'Donnell never saw the light

In December of 2017 we informed you that a fan of Destiny and the work of Marty O'Donnell uploaded Soundcloud the album Music of the Spheres, which is basically the official soundtrack of the game that was part of his impressive advertising campaign but, in the end, it was archived after a legal dispute between the composer, Bungie, and Activision. According to a report, 4 months after the publication, the companies are trying to stop the distribution of the album.

When Destiny was officially announced, her advertising campaign highlighted the music composed for the adventure, which was created by Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, and Paul McCartney. It was even thought of conducting a tour to present the songs to the public before the game came out. However, the reality was different, as O'Donnnel, Bungie, and Activision entered into a legal dispute that gave reason to the composer and condemned the album Music of the Spheres to be archived and the companies could only use some portions of their songs for the final version of Destiny. Before the end of the year, a fan decided to publish the full album on Soundcloud and Marty O'Donnell celebrated the event and although he acknowledged that he had no legal control over the work and could not encourage its distribution and consumption, he recognized the community's effort.

Unfortunately, in recent days the links of third parties that led to the download of Music of the Spheres were written off because, according to community reports, Bungie and Activision discovered that the account of OS_Epsilon, the user who published the album, was deleted. of Reddit and along with it the original links. Upon hearing the situation, Marty O'Donnell asked fans to find out how to get Music of the Spheres as soon as possible and mentioned that Bungie and Activision were behind this.
After the situation of Destiny's album will attract attention on the Internet, the user OS_Epsilon opened a new account on Reddit and reported that the Music of the Spheres publication caused legal problems with Bungie and Activision and the companies have requested that all the content of the album be removed from the Internet. Despite this scenario, the user mentioned that there is interesting information that can not be revealed at this time and that Bungie has the right to ask that the distribution of the album be stopped, as well as ensuring that the company is not acting in a bad way. Finally, OS_Epsilon suggested to the fans that the best thing to do at this moment is to ask Bungie to release the album officially.

Thus, it seems that Music of the Spheres of Destiny 's days are numbered, again, and will have to be shelved for long.


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