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Bullet Witch will debut soon on PC

The title originally debuted in 2006 for Xbox 360

If you lived the Xbox 360 era you might remember Bullet Witch , a title by Cavia that debuted in 2006. This game won a large following in its time despite some criticism received by specialized media. If Bullet Witch is among your list of favorite or pending titles, we have great news for you.

XSEED Games confirmed that Bullet Witch will be back, as it will soon debut on PC, via Steam and Humble Store. To be exact, this will occur on April 25 and will be available in exchange for only $ 14.99.

Players who acquire it during their first available week will receive a 10% discount on the mentioned price. Bullet Witch will take you to a world destroyed by various disturbances, such as earthquakes, wars, and pestilences.

Everything will get worse when dangerous creatures and demons end up with the few survivors. However, Alicia, a mysterious woman with powerful abilities, will appear to face them. Next, I leave you a video so you can see what Bullet Witch looks like on PC:

The title offers a mixture of Japanese fantasy aesthetics with Western military action. XSEED Games confirmed that, for its arrival to PC, the game will have improvements in its resolution, frame rate per second, lighting and some balance adjustments.

To make matters worse, this version of Bullet Witch will arrive with all the DLC of the original release included. This means that players can enjoy some missions and extra costumes for free.

The company clarified that it will be necessary to conclude the title to activate the additional missions. As for the mechanics of the game, everything will be preserved as in the 2006 title so Alicia will have a great arsenal and magical powers to fight the demons.

Bullet Witch is available for now on Xbox 360 and in a couple of weeks will arrive at PC.


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