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Boss Key puts a nail in the coffin of LawBreakers

The study is prepared to work on new projects.

LawBreakers promised to revolutionize sand shooters and become a protagonist of the video game scene; however, the reality is that it did not capture the attention of the public and, with only 9 players in the last 24 hours ( via SteamCharts ) it is seen as a failure. This is why it is not surprising that Boss Key Productions, a studio responsible for its development, is preparing to look for new horizons.

"The reality is that LawBreakers failed to find a sufficient audience to generate the necessary funds to make it sustainable in the way we originally planned and anticipated," Boss Key said in a blog post.

Later, the study noted that, while he wants LawBreakers to have "the second life he deserves," the reality is that he can not stand still until he achieves it. That is why it plans to support it in "its current state" -which seems to mean that it will not have new content- while its development team focuses on new projects.

"The team has worked hard in this game for the last 3 and a half years and we are determined to give it the second life it deserves. However, the reality is that between now and then we cannot remain still. We will continue supporting it in its current state, but we need to concentrate on other projects with fresh creative leadership. We have been working on something new and we can not wait to share more about it. It is a project made with passion that we control in its entirety, "he said.

In the publication, Boss Key Productions ruled out the possibility of transforming LawBreakers into a free-to-play to give it a new opportunity in the market: "although a change to a free-to-play model seems to be the simplest change, something of this magnitude requires distribution planning and resources. "

With these statements, it is clear that the Boss Key Productions team does not want to surrender to LawBreakers, but recognizes that making it a success is very complicated and requires resources to do so. So, it seems difficult that at some point Cliff Blezinski's ambitious project has a second chance.

And you, what do you think about this situation? Do you think there is anything Boss Key and Nexon can do to get LawBreakers afloat? Tell us in the comments.

LawBreakers are available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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