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Blizzard will use algorithms to combat toxicity in Overwatch

The company's priority is to preserve the gaming experience

Blizzard has stressed on several occasions that he will do everything possible to combat toxicity in Overwatch. Apparently, the company continues to work hard on this project. According to Jeff Kaplan, in charge of the shooter, they are increasingly looking for new ways to stop the toxic behavior of some players.

Currently, Blizzard explores the use of algorithms to eliminate or control some practices. The use of an automated system would guarantee the punishment of users with attitudes not allowed in the shooter community.

Kaplan said, during a meeting with Kotaku, via Game Informer, that combating toxicity has affected the flow of development of new content for the game. Hence, look for a system that works, to some extent, independently.

"We've been experimenting with machine learning, we've tried to teach our games about toxic language, which is a little fun, the idea is that you do not have to wait for a report to determine that something is toxic," he said.

Kaplan said the project is still under development. For this reason, it is important to clarify that it has not yet been implemented even partially. Blizzard also analyzes other options to complement this proposal.

The great disadvantage of the use of algorithms is that someone's supervision is probably still required. It is a possibility that there are false reports or that they are even provoked by the community once they understand how the system works. Despite this, Blizzard will experiment with all the options.

In related news, the company formed a special team to combat piracy and inappropriate behavior. On the other hand, Kaplan talked about the possibilities of seeing a Battle Royale mode in the shooter. Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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