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Barlog: Nordic mythology makes the world of God of War spectacular

Sony presented an advance over its expected exclusive

It is less than a week before the debut of God of War, so the fans of the series are more than enthusiastic. Sony and Santa Monica Studios are aware of this, so they do not want the emotion of the premiere to be lost.

Thus, they presented a new advance of the game, where Cory Barlog, director of the title, talks about Nordic mythology. In addition to the obvious changes in the character of Kratos, the franchise leaves aside the Greek scenarios to take us to spectacular Scandinavian locations.

According to Barlog, the use of Nordic mythology makes this new world of God of War spectacular. The trailer is accompanied by several action sequences, where we see several characters and enemies of the game. Even at the end of the trailer, we see a great surprise that will await us in the game.

"Nordic mythology provides that sense of a vivid world. It took us away from the pristine sensation of Greek mythology and more from this feeling of living from moment to moment in this very implacable world, very hard, very isolated, "said the creative. Without more I leave the trailer:

The use of a new mythology allowed the development team to offer a different perspective of the whole series. "Then, when I started reading more about mythology, the most interesting aspects were about how we interacted, this kind of human lessons, living absolutely every moment of life as if the world were going to end," Barlog concluded.

Sony prepares the final details for the premiere of God of War next week. The company will make a special broadcast, where several members of Santa Monica Studios will give more details of this delivery.

According to Sony, the pre-sales of the game are on track, so everything indicates that it will be a great success. Remember that the title will debut with several special editions and that there will also be a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle.

God of War will arrive as an exclusive PlayStation 4 on April 20.

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